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Slot Plinko X developed by the studio Smartsoft. The game has simple rules and payout mechanics. Winning will be each round. The size of the prize depends on the luck of the user. The machine is available in basic and demo versions.

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Interface PlinkoX machine

At the top of the developers have placed a drum with balls of different colors. There are pink projectiles, one yellow and one red. The main field is a pyramid of obstacle stakes. The ball flies out of the drum, hits the pegs, goes down to the bottom bar. The field on which the projectile will fall, determines the multiplier of winnings. There are 7 options available:

5 dice with a multiplier of x0.2 are placed in the center
2 fields with a multiplier of x2 are on the edges of the x0.2 dice agglomeration
2 cubes with multiplier x4
2 fields with yield x10
2 cubes with coefficient x20
2 cubes with the coefficient x100
2 cubes with a multiplier of x1000

Plinko X interface

Plinko X is a slot with high multipliers. However, the most profitable fields are placed on the edges. The probability of falling balls on them is minimal.

How to play Plinko X

In Plinko X to play as easy as possible. Before starting the round, the user needs to set the size of the bet. This can be done through the “Minus” and “Plus” buttons. Also, the cost of the round can be entered from the keyboard. To do this, you need to:

  • Click on the field with the size of the bet.
  • Write the desired value within the allowable limits.

Plinko X bet

The minimum round price is 0.1 credits. The maximum can be put 100 credits. After setting the value you need to click on “Place Bet”. Run the game by pressing the space bar or “Enter”. The ball will fall out of the drum and will go down the pegs. After falling on a particular field, the player will receive the due winnings.

PlinkoX is a slot machine with features. Smartsoft has offered customers 3 types of balls to increase the chances of winning:

  • Pink is the standard option. Has a multiplier of x1. To calculate the winnings you need to multiply the coefficient of the dropped field by the bet size.
  • Yellow is a ball with an additional multiplier of x5. To calculate the prize money you need to multiply the bet size with the coefficient of the dropped sector and the additional yield of the ball.
  • Red – the most expensive option. The developers have added a multiplier of x10.

PlinkoX is a game with unique mechanics. The probability of falling out balls of different colors depends on the set mode. Mixing balls in the normal game is slow. The player has available balls of 2 colors (one yellow and some pink).

Play Plinko X Pin Up Play Plinko X 1win

The situation changes when the “Turbo” button is activated. The balls are shuffled faster, the slot adds a red ball, increases the number of yellow ones. The shells themselves go down the playing field a little faster.

PlinkoX game for money has an automatic mode. You will set it after clicking on the “Autoplay” button. The slot will display an additional screen on which you need to set 4 settings. The first is mandatory, the other 3 are optional:

  1. Number of ball launches.
  2. Stopping at exceeding the single winnings of the set values.
  3. Stopping when the balance decreases by the specified amount.
  4. Stopping at an increase in the account by the specified amount.

After fixing all options it is necessary to click on “OK”. The confirmation button is highlighted in green.

Plinko X online statistics

Some strategies in Plinko X based on the calculation of the probability of falling out a particular option. On the left side of the screen the developers have placed a scale with the last falling out multipliers. On the right is a table with more detailed information. Customers will see:

  • The multiplier that appears.
  • The size of the bet.
  • The size of the winnings.
  • The start time of the slot.

Statistics in the Plinko X

These data on Plinko X casino updates in real time. Players get access to the latest information. As a result, it will be possible to make a more accurate bet and significantly increase profits.

Plinko X slot: how much can be won

Plinko X slot review should also contain detailed information on the expected amount of winnings. The maximum prize can be calculated by multiplying the top bet limit by the highest multiplier. After simple calculations we get that a player can earn 100,000 credits in one session.

Plinko X in online casinos is in demand because of RTP of 97%. The parameter is theoretical. Figures are typical in the analysis of the game in an infinite set of bets. In the moment, the figures will differ more or less.

In reviewing the game Plinko X note one feature of the slot. The machine gives out winnings after each round. Unsuccessful spins, as in the classic emulator does not happen. However, falling out the pink ball on the slot with multiplier x0.2 actually leads to losses.

Other combinations of Plinko X are more profitable. The minimum the client gets x2 of the bet size.

Plinko X demo: how to run and the benefits.

Play in Plinko X for free demo can any user of the casino. To do this, players need to:

  1. Go to the site with slots.
  2. Find a slot by name or developer.
  3. Move your cursor over the image of the game.
  4. Click on the button “Demo”.

Demo game Plinko X

Casino website will download a trial version of the machine. On account of the client will enroll a set amount of credits.

Play Plinko X Demo

In the demo version all bets made on the internal currency of the slots. It is also the same players receive their winnings. Withdraw the money in the account will not work. The player will not see a real payout, even if he wins the maximum prize.

Play PlinkoX without registration can be on the website of most online casinos. Create an account only to play for money.

Plinko X registration: how to make an account

Play in PlinkoX official casino sites allow you to play for free and for money. In the latter case, the player can count on getting real winnings. Separately register in the slot is not required. The user needs to create an account on the casino website. The procedure is staged:

  1. Launch the site of the gambling brand.
  2. Click on “Registration”.Choose how to create an account. Some companies allow you to register via email, phone, social networks.
  3. Sometimes you can make an account in 1 click.
  4. Enter your personal data in the personal cabinet.
  5. Confirm the identity.
  6. Refill your balance and start playing.

The fourth and fifth steps can be ignored. Most companies accept deposits without verification. Identity verification is needed for the withdrawal of winnings. Therefore, we advise you to perform this procedure in advance.

Play Plinko X Pin Up Play Plinko X 1win

Plinko X account is combined with the casino balance. Additional deposit money to the slot will not be necessary.

How to download Plinko X to your phone

You can’t download Plinko X to your smartphone. Smartsoft did not release a pre-installed client on mobile devices. However, there is a way out of the problem.

The studio in the development of the slot used HTML5 technology. It adapts the game for devices with a small display. You can not download the application Plinko X, but you can download a program from the casino or play directly on the site. Gambling brands produce software for Android and iOS devices.

Downloads Plinko X

HTML5 provides fast loading of the slot on mobile devices. The player can bet via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Confident access is ensured even if there are problems with the Internet. Smartsoft have adapted the game for gadgets with a small display. Making bets is convenient even through one-handed gestures.

In Plinko X casino app allows you to play through the basic and demo versions. The developers do not change the mechanics, algorithms of the slot. RTP mobile version of the machine is the same as the basic version.

Plinko X strategy: how to win

The slot allows you to calculate in advance the range of possible winnings. This feature of the game can be used to create betting tactics. The gambler needs to:

  1. Run the machine and set the minimum betting values.
  2. Wait for a roll multipliers x0.2 for 8-9 rounds in a row.
  3. Increase the size of the bet by 100 times. At first put 0.1 credit per round, after – 10.
  4. Continue the game.

This tactic does not guarantee a win, but increases the chances of winning. The odds of x0.2 can fall out for 10-15 sessions in a row. However, the probability of this scenario is negligible.

Attention! When playing Plinko X, it is better to use turbo mode. Expensive balls will fall out more often. The chances of winning increase.

Before using the scheme, we advise to conduct a few tests in demonstration mode. Consult on the tactics of the game can be in the chat slot.

Plinko X bonus: what prizes give casinos for the slot

Online casinos offer players different support options. Promos are available to customers for the first deposit, for the subsequent deposit of a balance. The options for rewards depend on the companies’ policies. Details on promotions can be found on the relevant pages of the casino websites.

Play Plinko X Pin Up Play Plinko X 1win

Free spins are not available for PlinkoX. Such options are given by promotional operators for classic slots. For other machines, such promotions do not apply.

Player reviews about Plinko X

Reviews about Plinko X are mostly positive. The pluses of the slot players call a simple plot. The machine has no additional features. This provides a quick adaptation to the slot for newcomers. The return rate of 97% allows you to count on going to a solid plus.

Plinko X feedback

The slot is licensed. Smartsoft has received all the necessary certifications. Plinko X works according to the random number algorithm.


The game is popular among gamblers of all types. It is used by beginners and players with experience. Betting can be done from smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops.

Questions and answers on the game
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Yes, the slot often gives multipliers of x2 or more.

Of course, the demo version of Plinko X is on the sites of many online casinos.

The theoretical return rate RTP is at 97%.