Strategies and tactics for playing Plinko slot

Plinko slot was released in 2019 and belongs to the famous company Bgaming. The game came to the taste of a large number of gamblers, and all due to the simple controls and exciting gameplay. Experienced players have a chance to rip a decent sum, running the paid mode, and for beginners is prepared a free version.

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The gameplay is simple though, but you’ll still need effective tactics to play Plinko to win a decent amount of money. In fact, it all comes down to the fact that the ball must get to the bottom of the screen and fall into the cell with the maximum bet multiplier. The game, although there is no bonus level or the opportunity to earn freespins, but this is compensated for by the high payout of 99%.

Plinko – how to win in the game for money

Inexperienced gamblers naively believe that a series of failures will certainly be followed by a big win. Often the number of losses only increases, which leads to the loss of a lot of money. Some even borrow or sell property in an attempt to win back. It is better to distract yourself and take a break, and return to the game after a while with bright thoughts and a new strategy.

Tips for winning the Plinko slot

The working scheme of Plinko game comes down to concentration, but it is more important to stick to the basic recommendations. Professional gamblers convinced that the machine is a kind of lottery. Therefore, it is difficult to develop a one-size-fits-all strategy for all players. However, there are tactics that will reduce the risk of losing your bankroll and at the same time greatly increase the likelihood of winning.

Plinko’s working strategy for the money game “Ladder”

Before you start using the strategy, you should make sure you have enough money in your account. You will need funds for 500 bets or more. Everything starts with a minimum bet, and if you lose, you need to increase the amount by a factor of two. This should be done until the first win or until you realize that you can no longer afford such a high bet.

Plinko Ladder Strategy

This method does not give a 100% guarantee of victory. Slot still works on the basis of an honest random number generator, and it is simply impossible to predict all its actions. If you believe the statistics, 43% of gamblers get to win about 300 rounds of 500, which will increase the starting capital.

Centered ball strategy

If you want to earn a generous monetary reward, just put the ball in the center. This will not give a 100% guarantee, but it increases the chance of getting into a cell with a high multiplier. This scheme of earning in Plinko is suitable for beginners who have a goal to at least slightly multiply their starting capital. Remember, the scheme will not work forever, only a few rounds.

Plinko strategy Ball in the center

Active Cells Strategy in Plinko

The following game strategy in Plinko is based on the number of active cells. Their maximum value depends on the version of the game, but mostly from 12 to 16 pieces. The more active, the higher the cash reward, but also increases the risk of losing. So it is recommended to start with the minimum number of cells with an acceptable rate for you.

Plinko Strategy Active Cells

If the ball fell to a multiplier of x3, you need to increase the number of active cells on one position, and so up to 16 pieces. The scheme is aimed at players who can afford to play a minimum of 100 rounds. Statistics show that 56% of users multiply the starting bankroll.

Small stakes and limits

It is quite difficult for newcomers to understand how to make money in the Plinko game. The first thing to stick to is not to make rashly high bets in the hope that the ball will hit the maximum multiplier. Slot still works on the generation of random numbers and do not get a 100% probability of predicting where the ball will fall.

Play Plinko Pin Up  Play Plinko 1win  Play Plinko Demo

It is advisable to place small bets and it is very important to set a limit, over which you should stop playing. It is better to be serious about choosing a gambling establishment to increase your chances of winning. Look at the casinos, which offer generous bonuses, you can multiply the bankroll. Due to the increased bankroll you will have a higher chance of winning a large sum.

Take into account the amount of your starting capital

Many beginners make the same mistake – choosing a strategy, and forgetting that it will need a certain amount of money to be effective. As a result, everything leads to the drain of the bankroll, and all because of the fact that the funds ran out not in time. The slot does not work according to a certain algorithm, and it is not possible to determine exactly when the next winning round will happen. On the other hand, many tactics greatly increase the chances of winning.