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Plinko XY is a slot from the provider BGaming. He copies a popular 20th century TV game. The rules are simple. The ball falls from the top of the pyramid. He hits the pegs, changes his trajectory. The cell on which the ball falls will determine the final amount of winnings. Customers can set advanced settings, increase the level of risk, increase the size of the potential profit.

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Plinko XY – slot machine with a variety of settings

Plinko XY slot review will begin with a description of the interface. Visually, the picture can be divided into 2 parts. On the left players will see the current statistics:

Ball launch time
Amount of rate
Falling out multiplier
Amount of winnings

On the right side BGaming placed a game pyramid with the settings buttons. There you can also turn on or off the soundtrack, read the rules of the game.

Plinko XY Interface

On the left side of the slot Plinko XY developers have installed a table with the choice of lines. Players can put from 8 to 16 options. With their installation increases the size of the pyramid, changing the minimum and maximum multipliers:

  1. With eight lines, the Plinko XY game sets up a pyramid of 8 rows of obstacle pegs. The minimum multiplier is x0.5, the maximum – x5.6.
  2. When setting nine lines the slot sets a pyramid of 9 rows of stakes. The minimum multiplier is 0.7, the maximum – 5.6.
  3. When setting 16 lines the pyramid gets the same number of rows. The minimum multiplier is x0.5, the maximum – x16.

We indicated examples based on the data at low risk. You can change the number of lines before starting the game. After the start it is impossible to remove this setting. The pyramid size is possible after hitting the ball in any of the bottom cells and fixing the winnings.

In Plinko XY it is possible to play to clients with different readiness for risk. The appropriate settings can be put through the left side of the column:

  • Low – one minimum multiplier, the maximum winnings are small.
  • Medium – 3 multipliers with values less than 1.
  • High – 5 minimum multipliers in the center. Maximum win at 16 lines will increase the bet by 1000 times.

Plinko XY slot allows you to choose the number of lines and the level of risk. You can read the odds of hitting the ball on a particular sector. To do this, the player has to hover his cursor over the cell with a multiplier. In the pop-up window will appear the calculated probability and the size of the potential winnings. More often the ball will hit the center field. The longer away from center, the lower the odds. This trend holds for any risk and number of lines settings.

Play Plinko XY Pin Up Play Plinko XY 1win

In reviewing the game Plinko XY is also worth noting the possibility of setting an automatic start. To do this, the player needs to:

  1. Click on the “Auto” button. Located in the block “Betting mode”.
  2. Set the number of bets through the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons. You can put from 10 to 1000 bets. Entering the number of games via the keyboard is not provided.
  3. Click on Play.

Plinko XY bet

The slot starts several balls at once. The player can stop the game by clicking on “Stop”. The program will reset the counter. On a new start, the slot will start counting down from the number of games set before.

Now let’s understand how to play Plinko XY in manual mode. To do this, set the bet size and click on “Start”. Launching the slot from the keyboard is not provided.

Playing Plinko XY for money: the maximum and minimum bets

Play in Plinko XY online casino allows you to play for money and free. The minimum bet on the level of 1 credit. The maximum bet per round can be 100 credits. You can set the denomination through the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons on the bottom panel. It is located just below the yellow circle to start the round. BGaming did not provide for bet size entry via the keypad.

Maximum winnings in Plinko XY online

The game Plinko XY on the official casino sites is often in the lists of the most popular slots. The reason is the high RTP. The return rate is in the range of 98.91-99.16 percent.

Warning! Developers indicate the theoretical RTP. Such indicators the game will provide with an infinite number of bets. However, in the moment the figures may differ to the greater or lesser side.

Game Plinko XY in online casinos is in demand because of the additional opportunities for gamblers. Players can calculate the amount of potential winnings themselves. With a bet of 100 credits, the maximum prize reaches 100,000. It can be claimed when setting a high level of risk on the pyramid of 16 lines.

In Plinko XY combinations are absent. Classic pictures with different multipliers the slot does not offer. The game is as simple as possible.

Plinko XY demo: how to play for free

Play Plinko XY for free demo on most online casino sites. We recommend playing Plinko XY on the official sites of online casinos such as: 1WIN, PIN-UP, Parimatch. BGaming studio released the slot in the basic and test versions. Running the trial version does not require a deposit. The player needs to:

  1. Open the website of the online casino.
  2. Find the slot. You can search by name, provider.
  3. Point the cursor on the preview of the game.
  4. Select the “Demo” button.

Demo game Plinko XY

The site will run a test version of the game. After this, customers can make bets, test strategies. Losses will not lead to real financial losses. For the test period in Plinko XY casino accrues internal currency. Players can use these credits only for betting. It is impossible to withdraw winnings to a card or online wallet.

Play Plinko XY Demo

Demo version helps to test the strategy, get acquainted with the rules of the game. Some gamblers choose this option for simple entertainment. The demo works on the same algorithms that are available for the basic version. You can make a betting scheme on the demo and apply it to play for money.

Download Plinko XY: How to play from your smartphone

Plinko XY is not available to download on your smartphone or tablet. BGaming did not develop applications for mobile devices. You can play the slot through websites or pre-installed casino clients. Let’s consider the second option in more detail.

Plinko XY download

You will not be able to download the application Plinko XY, as the provider in principle did not release pre-installed software. However, the company has given players the opportunity to bet through mobile devices. The slot is written based on HTML5 technology. It provides a quick launch of the game on phones and tablets of different operating systems. The studio adapted the design of the program for small screens. This has increased the usability of the product. You can make bets with one hand gestures. A comfortable game is provided on smartphones and tablets.

We have no information about the release time of the application Plinko XY. Most likely, BGaming will not release products of this type in principle.

Plinko XY strategy: how to bet and win

Risk-free betting strategies do not exist. Guarantee a profit can not be any methodology of the game. However, some options significantly increase the chances of the gambler to succeed. Before you start it is necessary to determine the desired winnings:

  • Conservative players are better to set 8 lines and a minimum level of willingness to risk.
  • Lovers of big winnings need to put a high risk and 16 rows of pyramids.

After you need to set the minimum bet and start the game. According to statistics, cells with the minimum multiplier will fall out more often. They give winnings, but the total amount does not compensate the size of bets. That is, the player is slowly losing the pot.

After an unsuccessful series of 8-9 bets, it is necessary to increase the bank by 5-10 times and continue the game. The probability of falling out larger multipliers increases. Gambler will recoup past losses and earn.

Play Plinko XY Pin Up Play Plinko XY 1win

The tactic looks attractive. However, it does not guarantee the final success. The risk of losing is always there. If you are interested in trying other Plinko strategies and tactics, go to this section of the website.

Plinko XY bonus: what support options offer online casinos

Casinos offer different options to support players. Companies give out a welcome bonus to attract newcomers. Clients with experience sites offer different options for Reload bonuses. Often sites introduce their own loyalty programs, give out birthday gifts. Bonuses specifically for the game PlinkoXY on the sites are not provided. Perhaps such support systems will appear in the future.

Free spins for Plinko XY casinos do not give out. Free spins more often appear for classic slots with reels. This game works on different principles. Therefore, such a promo option is not provided.

What are the reviews of Plinko XY among players

Plinko XY reviews won only positive. To the pluses of the game gamblers include:

  • The ability to choose the level of risk.
  • The high RTP.
  • Simple rules and mechanics.

Plinko XY feedback

Negative comments could not be found. Casino customers are satisfied with this slot.


Plinko XY is an online version of the popular game Plinko, which first appeared on the television show The Price is Right. In Plinko XY, the player must control the ball to fall into the correct lottery lots. The game offers a high level of exciting interactivity and is a great way to have fun at your leisure. With its simple interface and addictive gameplay, Plinko XY is a great choice for fans of arcade games. The game is suitable for gamers with different levels of risk appetite. You can bet from smartphones and tablets. The type of device does not play a role.

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Yes, every customer without exception can win.

No, this tactic is not suitable for Plinko.

Yes, free version of the slot is available to customers.